Antares 1.25 inch 2x, 3x and 5x Twist-lock Shorty Barlows.

The family of 1.25" Twist-lock shorty barlows feature fully multicoated
lenses, good color corrections and large clear apetures, as well as the
self-centering twist lock collet design that works well with safety
groove type eyepieces. When the Twist-lock ring is removed, male T-threads
are exposed for use in camera configurations. With caps for both ends.

$79.00 - #EBT2 - Antares 1.25 inch 2x Twist-lock Barlow
$000.00 - #EBT6 - No Longer Available - Antares 1.25 inch 2x Twist-lock Barlow, 3 Element, Color Corrected
$74.00 - #EBT3 - Antares 1.25 inch 3x Twist-lock Barlow
$84.00 - #EBT5 - Antares 1.25 inch 5x Twist-lock Barlow

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